The Witch World Saga

by Andre Norton



Witch World -- Ex-colonel Simon Tregath, once blackmailed into helping black marketeers during the war is in trouble. Having turned his back on the organization, he is now on the run from its best assassins. Hiding in the back alleys of New York, he runs into Dr Jorge Petronius a man with a reputation for helping people escape pursuit. Using a seat from King Arthur’s Round Table, he sends Simon into another world where the laws of nature are different and magic works. The rulers of Escarp are the Council of Witches, women of POWER. It seems that Power can only be used by virginal women. Meanwhile a race of hostile technologically advanced aliens(the Kolder) , having entered through another gate, are at war with Escarp, trying to find a way to seize their power and conquer the Witch World. Simon joins the Escarp army and teams up with a young witch whose life he had saved. Through many skirmishes and battles with the Kolder, they discover that Simon has a Power of his own, in spite of his gender. Can the witches accept magical aid from a man, and can he add enough strength to save the world? roberts.1986.escore

  by Mary Hanson-Roberts ~ 1986




Witch World ~ 1963

The doomed land of Estcarp stood alone, menaced from the north and the south, and from the sea to the west. Only because they were heirs to an age-old knowledge were the dark people of her fields, her cities and her towers able to hold back the press. Theirs might be a losing cause, but they would go down fighting to the last blow of sword from the last living Guardsman, the last blasting weapon man or woman could lay hand upon.
Alone among the nations of the continent Estcarp wielded a strange and fearful weapon, and the hatred and dread of her neighbours was founded on that very weapon – magic. To Alizon in the north, Karsten in the south, the power of the witches was evil. But the terror that threatened from the west was an alien evil from a source unknown.


Web of the Witch World ~ 1964

Witch-power of Estcarp stood alone against alien sorcery of Kolder, treachery of Karsten and enmity of Alizon, as Simon Tregarth the outworlder and Jaelithe his witch-wife strove in the riding of armies and the storming of citadels for the security of Estcarp, last bastion of the Old Race in the struggle with demonic control wielded by the forces of Kolder.
For Kolder too had mastered the art of shape-changing, but not as the witches of Estcarp used it. This was a matter of shape-changing within, not without, a distorting and twisting of the minds of men so that they become spiritless, soulless beings, to act and kill at the behest of Kolder. And so the evil power spread its web over Estcarp and her allies.


Three Against the Witch World ~ 1965

They were young, unique, untried – they were three against the Witch World!
For the sons of Simon Tregarth, the only hope was exile. For, once they defied the Council of Witches to wrest back their sister from the Place of Wisdom, all Estcarp’s magic would turn against them, all its ancient knowledge conspire to work them ill. But Kyllan, Kemoc and Koathea possessed a knowledge not even the Wise Ones could deny, a truth long lifted from the minds of their kind. For in their hearts they knew of a land that lay Eastwards, a land from which the Old Race had fled generations ago. And so to the East they turned in direst need of refuge, to a country whose skill and sorcery the Wise Ones had for centuries sought to hide ...



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Titles: (in order written)

  1. Witch World ~ 1963
  2. Web of the Witch World ~ 1964
    • Year of the Unicorn ~ 1965 ~ High Hallack Series ~ publishers in the past have numbered it #3 in the Witch World: Estcarp Series before it became the beginning of the High Hallack Series.
  3. Three Against the Witch World ~ 1965
  4. Warlock of the Witch World ~ 1967
  5. Sorceress of the Witch World ~ 1968
  6. Ware Hawk ~ 1983
  7. The Gate of the Cat ~ 1987
  8. Ciara's Song ~ 1998
  9. The Dukes Ballad ~ 2005




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Tales of the Witch World II - paperback edition


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 [Witch World, Web of the Witch World]

[Three Against the Witch World, Warlock of the Witch World]

[Sorceress of the Witch World]


Map of the Witch World by Barbi Johnson ~ 1970 ~

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