The Gifts of Asti

~ A Short Story by Andre Norton


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Synopsis ~

Varta, the last priestess of Asti, lives alone with Lur, a telepath of the lizardfolk, in Asti's isolated mountain retreat. Decadent Memphir has long since drifted away from the austere paths of Asti, and now the barbarians of Klem are sacking the city, and the smoke of its burning drifts up to the temple. Asti's followers, however, foresaw that this day would come to Memphir, as Varta has learned from her study of the ancient chronicles.


Write-up from a fan ~

Varta, the last maiden of the Virgins of Asti watches the city Memphir burning below the Temple, sack by the barbarians of Klem. She and her reptilian companion, Lur, abandon the Temple, after Varta removes the miniature solar system that had always hovered  over the hand of the statue of Asti. Together, Varta and Lur go down into caverns below the Temple and come out upon a strange lake whose waters seem to preserve anything fallen into them. One of the things that fell into the water was a strange ship. The same suit that enabled Varta to traverse the noxious fumes of the underground ways also enables her to safely investigate the strange ship -- which obviously had flown through the air -- or even space? Inside this ship she finds a locked closet that is holding prisoner a young man. She pulls him ashore and he revives. Lur advises her not to "disdain the Gifts of Asti." ~ SL


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This provocative collection of eight stories includes pieces by some of the greats of the science fiction genre. Andre Norton, whose immensely successful career spans almost a quarter-century, contributes the title story—a haunting and lyrical tale of the destruction of two great civilizations and a young woman who holds the key to their rebirth. “Hawksbill Station,“ by Hugo- and Nebula-award-winner Robert Silverberg, examines a colony of political prisoners exiled in the late Cambrian era by means of one-way time travel. The nature of human freedom, the quest for immortality, the relationship of intellect to environment —these and other great themes of science fiction are explored in a manner that is certain to stimulate in young readers a new awareness of the here and now.


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NOTE: The following book has The Gifts of Asti listed on the cover but the story does not appear inside.

  • The Human Zero and Other Science Fiction Masterpieces (1967) Edited by Sam Moskowitz and Roger Elwood, Published by Tower, PB, 43-906, $0.60, 224pg {Image}


Non-English Editions ~

  • (1993) Combined with "Operation Time Search", "Catseye", "Long Live Lord Kor!", "Mousetrap", "All Cats Are Gray", "The Long Night of Waiting" all translation by L. Deutsch, and "Garan the Eternal" translation by N. Khokhlova ~ Published in Niahny Novgorod, by Phlox, 5-871-98046-5, HC, 480pg ~ "The Gifts of Asti" translation by N. Rezanova ~ cover by A. Tarasov ~ Russian title Долгая ночь ожидания [The Long Night of Waiting]