Attention fans of Andre Norton.


Hello Kind Folks,

I have an idea for a new project but I need help.

The Idea – a pronunciation guide for names, places and other terms in Andre’s work.

I often get asked, how do you pronounce this name or that place. And truthfully, I have no idea. Generally my spelling sucks. And lets face it, a lot of names and places Andre used are hard to pronounce, especially in the Witch World Saga. For those of you who think I’m nuts or just plain stupid, you are just the person I need.

I would like to send out a list of names, places or things (even the ones I can pronounce) and get people to do the grammatical notation of said word. I still have to create a list but it wouldn’t take to long using all the glossaries I’ve collected and posted on the website over the years. Then I would go through those glossaries and add the grammatical info to it.

And so – I’m looking for volunteers to help with said project. I really want several people to help so I can see what multiple people think of each word.  You can sign up by emailing me at

Any and all help will be deeply appreciated. Again I’m looking for volunteers for I can’t afford to pay you. I can however give you credit on the website. 



Catfantastic V

~ A Collection of Original Stories by Various Authors

Edited by Andre Norton & Martin H. Greenberg

Contains a Short Story from the "Noble Warrior Series"

catfantastic 5 1999 77847 6


Contains ~

  • 01~ Introduction by Andre Norton
  • 02~ The Golden Cats (ss) by Robin Wayne Bailey
  • 19~ Grow Old Along With Me (ss) by Lee Barwood
  • 35~ Puss (nv) by Jayge Carr
  • 57~ Goliath (ss) by R. Davis
  • 72~ Dragon, the Book (ss) by David Drake
  • 81~ The Courtesan Who Loved Cats (ss) by India Edghill
  • 93~ The Maltese Feline (ss) by Rosemary Edghill
  • 107~ A Cat’s Tale (ss) by Paul Goode
  • 122~ Tenth-Life Cat (ss) by Pauline M. Griffin
  • 136~ Kindred Hearts (ss) by Caralyn Inks
  • 153~ A Better Mousetrap (ss) by Mercedes Lackey ~ Werehunter, Published by BAEN, (1999)
  • 168~ The Big Ice (ss) by Sharon Lee
  • 177~ Preliminary Report (ss) by Barry B. Longyear
  • 193~ Lullaby (ss) by Lyn McConchie
  • 208~ The Very Early Hermione (ss) by Ardath Mayhar
  • 218~ Miss Lotte (ss) by Sandra Miesel
  • 232~ Kitten Claws (ss) by Sasha Miller
  • 247~ Noble Warrior and the "Gentleman" (ss) by Andre Norton
  • 257~ The Cat, the Sorceress, the Buttons, and Why (ss) by Mary Schaub
  • 272~ Hobson’s Choice (ss) by Susan Shwartz
  • 287~ Rosemary for Remembrance (ss) by Estelle Traylor
  • 303~ Patches’ Pride (ss) by Laura J. Underwood
  • 313~ Trixie (ss) by Lawrence Watt-Evans
  • 326~ Pick, Cry, and Grin (Ag’in) (ss) by Rose Wolf


Synopsis ~

From an old posting ~

From a world where learning the truth about the native life-form could transform a boy’s future. To a cat that discovers that love can even conquer time. To a cat familiar ready to tempt her wizardly master to seek out the greatest of magics.


Write-up from the back of paperback ~

Here's a Book You Can Get Your Paws Into as you explore the universe from a cat's-eye view. In this latest edition of tales about our furry friends, you'll meet bold new adventures, loyal companions, determined protectors, cats who can solve mysteries - or create them. You'll recognize such familiar felines as Skitty and Hermione, and encounter tabbies who are high-tech whiz-kids or wizard's familiars.

Let some of today's finest tale-spinners, from Andre Norton and Mercedes Lackey to David Drake and Barry Longyear, lead you along trails only the cleverest of cats could find or follow, pathways to realms only reachable with the aid of our fearless, four-footed comrades.

From a world where learning the truth about the native life-form could transform a boy's future... to a cat who discovers that love can ever conquer time... to a cat familiar ready to tempt her wizardry master to seek out the greatest of magics... these are fantastical romps to claim the hearts and imaginations of cat companions everywhere.


Bibliography of English Editions ~

  • (1999) Edited by Andre Norton & Martin H. Greenberg, Published by DAW, PB, 0-886-77847-6, 978-0-886-77847-7, No.1128, $6.99, 339pg ~ cover by Mark Hess


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