by Ralph F. Couey




The Peace that Jarl brought to the world had its rough moments.  There were times of discord and disagreement.  There were even isolated acts of violence.  But the treaty hammered out under that tent over those seminal seven days survived.  Star Men continued to explore the dead cities, now with the guidance and eventual partnership of the Hamassa.  Out of the ruins eventually came the secrets of what had driven the Old Ones to their mutual self-destruction.  From those secrets came the renewed commitment of all to prevent another war. 

With the greatest threat gone, the populations of all the tribes expanded rapidly.  The Plainsmen and Southerners began to move to the west and northwest, eventually meeting the territories of the Northwest Tribes.  Decades after Jarl and Fors made the peace, their example was followed and another agreement was reached. 

For many years, Fors led his tribe with great strength and wisdom.  When his life ended, his son, Kreston stepped into the seat of power.  His half-brother, one of three children borne by Wenna and Fors, became the Star Captain.  Their sisters followed their mother’s example and became Healers.  Other leaders followed over the decades and the Eyrie eventually expanded out of their mountain home into the lowlands, intermarrying with the other tribes.  In time, it would be hard to say who had been of what tribe.  But that was Jarl’s dream, and Fors’ passion, that there would no longer be separate tribes, only one family: The family of Earth. 

The years became decades which then passed into centuries.  Gradually, civilization rose again from the ashes of the past.  As technology was resurrected and reestablished, contact was made with other cultures on other continents, and as can be the case of human affairs, it did not always go peacefully.  But in all interactions, dangled above humanity was the sure knowledge of the choice they had to make.  Either live in peace, or destroy everything once again.  Guided by the terrible example of history, people made the right choice.

Even across the passage of time, the memory of Jarl and Fors remained alive.  On one stupendous day, four centuries later, Earthmen returned to the stars aboard two ships named “Jarl” and “Fors.”  The two ships left Earth to explore the stars their namesakes had once watched from below.

In the end, there could not have been a more fitting memorial.


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