The Beast Master Series

by Andre Norton

(aka) Hosteen Storm 

Portrait as Andre saw the Beast Master ~ It used to hang in her living room.

He was a beast master in the now-defunct Patrol. The military (and the need for his talents) was reduced after their defeat of the Xiks, which came only after those aliens had destroyed Terra. All Terrans are being repatriated to other human colonies including Arzor where Storm has arrived. With him he has brought his Team, a Dune Cat, an African Eagle, and two Meercats. These are creatures developed and trained to work in concert with the telepathic beast masters. The eagle is the scout from the air, the meercats the saboteurs, and the cat provides muscle and cunning on the ground.










Titles :

  1. The Beast Master
  2. Lord of Thunder
  3. Beast Master's Ark
  4. Beast Master's Circus
  5. Beast Master's Quest










Omnibus :

  1. Beast Master's Planet
  2. Beast Master Team










 NOTE: Unbeknown-st to some people there were two Full length Feature Films, a TV Show that ran for three seasons and one “Made for TV” Movie produced. All claim to be loosely based on this Andre Norton Novel. While some Critics thoroughly hated all – some people loved them. All three movies were released in many countries around the world. As for the TV shows there is evidence that they also were release internationally once they were put on DVDs. There are even CDs of the Original Movie Soundtracks available.

For your pleasure we have chosen to add a few interesting things about the spin-offs,

Check out the Movie and TV Show galleries.


View a PDF of the original Movierights Agreement signed by Andre.

View a PDF of the TV Series Option Agreement signed by Andre.


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