Non-Fiction Works of Andre Norton

Andre was asked to do a fair amount over her life.


Andre wrote many articles about a wide variety of subjects -

including reviews of other books and stories.

Listed here is what we have found as of this date.


Note: All articles on this page are (PDF).











The Witch World Novels ~ Published by Niekas Publications, Magazine # 16, June 1966 (pgs 45 & 46) [excerpt from a Fanzine]


Preface: by Andre Norton ~ Andre Norton: A Primary and Secondary Bibliography by Roger C. Schlobin, Published by NESFA Press, 0-915-36864-1, 92pg ~ 1974


In 1985 the Science Fiction Writers of America asked various authors the following Questions ~ In What Way has the marketplace, in your opinion, deformed, enhanced, or help your work? What Kind of balance do you think should exist between art and commerce, or craft and commerce? See the offer letter from the SFWA and Andre's acceptance.

see Andre's answer


In 1987 Andre was asked to review a manuscript by Rebecca Brandewyne called Passion Moon Rising and the results of this are very interesting: you should read it for yourself.


To the Red Sands of Mars - or How I got started writing. By Andre Norton for The Souvenir Book of The 47th World Science Fiction Convention: Noreascon Three, Published by Massachusetts Convention Fandom Inc., 182pgs., (pgs. 11-14) ~ 1989


View a possible preface for (we think 2002 edition) Earthblood by Keith Laumer ~ both rough draft and as-submitted ~ not sure if this was ever actually published.


Advice to the New Writer ~ L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future: Volume XVIII by L. Ron Hubbard, Published by Galaxy Press, PB, 1-592-12052-0, $7.99, 462pg  ~ 2002                 Draft of Advice to the New Writer ~ interesting comparison between draft and original. We also have the typed version as submitted by Andre. 


Introduction to People of the Crater by Andre Norton 2003


Andre's 92nd Diary by Andre Norton ~ 2004 & 2005


Below are links to chronological listing of non-fiction articles written by Andre with some cover-art. Unfortanately we have not been able to find mention of non-fiction articles by Andre during the 1940s.