The Worlds of Andre

A comprehensive bibliography and collection of facts about,

Andre Norton: The Grande Dame of Science Fiction & Fantasy!


Andre signs a copy of Brother to Shadows - 1994

You can say that the Worlds of Andre are truly universal, they not only exist in this galaxy but others as well. With over 300 titles to her name there's plenty of Andre for everyone.

 A voice for the Andre Estate told me once that they were pretty sure Andre's works have sold over 90 million copies in 67 countries. As a dedicated fan of Andre's, I shall attempt to prove it.

Here is a very extensive bibliography of Andre's work, covering every printed version that we have verified. With extensive cover-art collection and everything else concerning the works of Andre Norton.

As a collector of Andre Norton books I can actually say to you, that the probability of ever amassing a complete collection of her works is almost zero. I can account for 324 + titles that either have Andre's name on the cover or she wrote a significant piece within the book. Granted, there are 28 titles which are omnibus editions of existing works (how many other authors can say that?) and a hand full of anthologies for which Andre was the editor. Not only was she a very prolific writer, most of her work was award winning.

This is just a short description of what you can find on this site. We have never done a complete count of actual book listings or cover images, there are literally thousands of both.

Andre Norton and her awards to the left ~ Tennessee, late 2004


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