Andre Norton's Titles

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Original drawing by Jack Gaughan 1975? from one of Andre's scrapbooks



"I was Children's librarian at the Cleveland Public Library for over twenty years, from 1930-1951. Each month the librarians would receive a book to review. If there was some objection to the book, and we still wanted it, we would have an opportunity to defend it. I remember getting The Hobbit and nobody had heard of Tolkien, so I had to argue for it like mad. Another book that they absolutely refused to put in because of the title was John W. Campbell's The Moon is Hell. During my twenty-two years at the library I worked in all but two of the forty-seven branches. There were many ethnic enclaves in the city, including Italian, Czechoslovakian, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Jewish, and Chinese. Just before the war I had an opportunity as special librarian on a citizenship project in Washington D.C. I was to select books on what it was like to be an American. This was for people who were learning the English language, so books had to be rewritten and simplified with a limited vocabulary."


"In the 1950's I worked for Gnome Press, reading manuscripts for Martin Greenberg for about three years. This was a time when I was otherwise unable to work, due to continuing attacks of vertigo. Marty would send manuscripts to me, and I would read them in bed. One of them was The Forgotten Planet by Murray Leinster. Greenberg did not send them regularly, since he didn't have a lot of money. He said that he wanted to bring out books that could be sold as a series to high schools, so I began writing The Solar Queen. He didn't want me to write as Andre Norton, since I was working for Gnome Press. He asked me to pick out another name, and Andrew North sounded close, so I chose it."


Andre Norton


Excerpt from “Days of WonderA Conversation with Andre Norton

by: John L. Coker III