Interviews with Andre Norton


Here you will find various interviews with Andre Norton conducted in different settings. Private video of Andre as she talks with friends and colleagues about many subjects. Some items may come from sources you are familiar with but we hope many will be unknown to you. If you happen to have anything not shown here please think seriously about sharing it with Andre fans.


A news report on

The Great Lady of Science Fiction

from WESH Ch. 2, Orlando FL - 1994

 Andre in the News ~ Approx. 1 ½ minutes

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Miscellaneous collection of videos


 Noreascon 1989 ~ film trio


World Fantasy Con 1992 ~ panel discussion


 Andre Norton entertains guest in 1994


Andre chats with Mark 2004 volume 1

Andre chats with Mark 2004 volume 2


Written Interviews


An Interview with Andre Norton by Tim Eklund, Thistle and Thorn #2, May 1965, fanzine with bibliography (PDF)


An Interview with Andre Norton by Paul Walker ~ Luna Monthly # 40, Sept. 1972, (pgs. 1-4) (PDF)


Andre Norton answers questions posed by Brian M. Fraser, professor of the Science Fiction in the Media seminar series at the Institute of Social Communications, Saint Paul University in Ottawa, Canada. (Note: 1975 which is a guess, being as Andre states that she is in the process of writting Quag Keep) (PDF)


Andre looks No Further than Terra for her "Aliens" an interview by Cynthia Parks, Time-Union Staff Writer.  Note: 1975 We are making a guess of the year for the fact that it mentions Andre's new book "No Night Without Stars" (PDF)


The Squonk Interview: Andre Norton by Brad Linaweaver ~ Squonk Vol. 1 # 2, March 1978, (pgs. 18-20, 27) Ms. Norton discusses her continuing goals and objectives, the influences on her fiction, her themes, cats, and her views on the writings of Harlan Ellison, Robert A. Heinlein, and J. R. R. Tolkien. (PDF)


An Interview with Andre Norton by Paul Walker in Speaking of Science Fiction: The Paul Walker Interviews by Paul Walker, Published by Luna, PB, 0-930346-01-7, 978-0-930346-01-0, $6.95, 425pgs. ~ HC, 0-930346-02-5, 978-0-930346-02-7, $18.75, 425pgs.~ cover by Dexter Dickenson (pgs. 264-270 ~ scetch of Andre below on pg 263) 1978 (PDF)


Putting the Past into the Future, Interview with Andre Norton by Brian M. Fraser ~ Fantastic Science Fiction Vol. 27 no. 11 (Oct.) Published by Ultimate Publishing Co. Inc., Edited by Omar Gohagen, , $1.50, 132pgs. (pgs. 4-9) 1980 (PDF)


Interview with Andre Norton ~ Dream Makers Volume II: The Uncommon Men & Women Who Write Science Fiction: Interviews By Charles Platt, Published by Berkley Books, HC, 0-425-05880-8, 978-0-425-05880-0, $6.95, 300pg (pg. 95) 1983 (PDF)


Reflections of a Grand Master ~ An Interview with Andre Norton ~ by John Betancourt ~  Xignals: Communications from Waldenbooks Otherworld Club, Vol. XI, 0-681-12776-7X, $1.25 (pgs 1-6) 1985 (PDF)

Note: This is a really rare book club periodical with a fantastic interview of Andre explaining why she writes what she writes. A must read for all Andre Norton fans.


Andre Norton, Grandmaster of Fantasy, Giving credit where credit is due on her 75th birthday ~ by Nancy Garcia and Mary Frances Zambreno ~ American Fantasy, vol. 2 no. 2, 1987 (PDF)

Note: This is a fairly rare periodical and so we share the article for those who may be interested in reading Andre Norton's words.


Andre Norton, Sorceress of the Witch World ~ by A.C. Crispin ~ Starlog no. 146, September 1989 ~ part 1 (PDF)

Andre Norton, Notes from the Witch World ~ by A.C. Crispin ~ Starlog no. 147, October 1989 ~ part 2 (PDF)

Note: I couldn't begin to say why the STARLOG people chose to print the first half of the interview in black & white and the second half in color with the ugliest yellow pages they could come up with. There are color pages in vol. 146 but not as many as in vol. #147 and I should add that vol. #147 does seem to be made of better quality paper.


Interview with Andre Norton by Raymond H. Thompson ~ Taliesin’s Successors: Interviews with Authors of Modern Arthurian Literature Published by University of Rochester (Camelot Project) (March 23, 1991)


An Interview with Andre Norton by Susan Swartz ~ Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Fantasy Magazine # 12 (Spring) Published by Marion Zimmer Bradley Ltd., $3.95, 64 pgs. ~ cover by George Barr (pg. 35-37) 1991 (PDF)


Andre Norton: Living Legacy by Anonymous ~ Locus #365, Vol. 29 No. 6, June 1991, Published by Locus Publications, Edited by Charles N. Brown, $3.50, 68 pgs. ~ (pgs. 4, 65) (PDF)


Days of Wonder ~ by John L. Coker III ~ from Tangent Magazine, 1996

Note: This article appears on many different websites so we have chosen to add it to this one.


Interview with Andre Norton by S. F. Willems ~ Pirate Writings v5 #4, No.16, Edited by Edward J. McFadden, Published by Pirate Writings Publishing, $4.95, 64pg  ~ cover by Lee Seed, 1998, (pg. 11) (PDF)


What is famed science fiction writer Andre Norton doing in Middle Tennessee? by Michael Sims ~ Nashville Scene (Nov. 18, 1999) (PDF)


The Andre Norton Oral History Project - Andre gives oral interview to Sharon Faye Wilbur of Texas AM University - Transcribed - in some places the transcriber had difficulty understanding Andre so there are some blanks. This is a very long interview, consisting of six tapes - which made for a 54 page typed document. October 2004 - just 5 months before Andre passed away.  ---- Faye Wibur did her MLS Thesis, for Texas Woman’s University - on Andre Norton in 1966 and we also have that with the letters between Andre and Faye at the time.  Thesis     Letters  (all are PDFs)






Audio Interviews



The Lady of High Hallack ~ an interview with Andre Norton by John C. Snider

In 2001 John C. Snider wrote 2 articles and conducted an audio interview with Andre Norton for a now defunct website. The audio link went dead around the middle of 2014 but the articles stayed in the archives. After some years of trying to contact various John Snider(s) I finally managed to reach the proper one and was able to obtain the interview tape and the pictures that accompanied the 2 articles. He has given us the materials to archive on our website.




Here is a short interview with Andre about Race and Racism in Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Andre and Capt. Rick ~ Approx. 2 ½ minutes

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