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The Witch World Novels of Andre Norton 1977

Dust Jacket and Text Art by Jack Gaughan, Frontmatter by Alice Phalen, Endpaper Maps by Barbi Johnson ~ $7.95 each ~ Binding: 5.625 x 8.25 - Dark Blue Cloth Boards with Gold Lettering. (Image of this sets Spines) (Cover-Art) (Frontmatter-Art) (Title Page) (Front-Map) (Rear-Map)


NOTE: This set was reproduced for sale in the British Commonwealth by George Prior Publishers, all titles where an exact match except for the title page and the copyright page. The dust jacket is imprinted with the U.S. ISBN. (Frontmatter-Art) (Copyright Page)


Sorceress of the Witch World # 0-839-82360-6

Spell of the Witch World # 0-839-82354-1

Three Against the Witch World # 0-839-82358-4

Warlock of the Witch World # 0-839-82359-2

Web of the Witch World # 0-839-82357-6

Witch World # 0-839-82355-X ~ Introduction and chronology by Sandra Miesel

Year of the Unicorn # 0-839-82356-8



The Space Adventure Novels of Andre Norton 1978

Dust Jacket by Jack Gaughan, Frontmatter by Elizabeth R. Cooke. ~ $7.95 each ~ Binding: 5.625 x 8.25 - Brown Cloth Boards with Gold Lettering (Publisher states the color is Burnt Orange), Orange End Papers.  (DJ_Cover-Art) (Frontmatter-Art)


The Crossroads of Time # 0-839-82418-1

Plague Ship # 0-839-82416-5

Sargasso of Space # 0-839-82415-7 ~ New Introduction by Sandra Miesel

Secret of the Lost Race # 0-839-82419-X

The Sioux Spaceman # 0-839-82420-3

Voodoo Planet / Star Hunter # 0-839-82417-3



The Time Traders Series 1978

Dust Jacket and Frontmatter by Wayne Barlowe ~ $8.95 each ~ Binding: 5.625 x 8.25 - Dark Blue Cloth Boards with Silver Lettering, Blue End Papers. (DJ_Cover-Art) (Frontmatter-Art)


The Defiant Agents # 0-839-82423-6

Galactic Derelict # 0-839-82422-X

Key Out of Time # 0-839-82424-6

The Time Traders # 0-839-82421-1 ~ Introduction by Thomas T. Beeler



Gregg Press Science Fiction Series of Andre Norton 1980

Dust Jacket by Fred Knecht Jr, Frontmatter by Barbara Anderson ~ $9.95 each ~ Binding: 5.625 x 8.25 - Black Cloth Boards (Publisher states the color is Dark Green) & Spine with Silver Lettering, Blue End Papers.


Catseye # 0-839-82637-0 (Cover-Art) (Frontmatter-Art)

Ordeal in Otherwhere # 0-839-82634-X (Cover-Art) (Frontmatter-Art)

Star Man's Son 2250 AD # 0-839-82636-2 (Cover-Art) (Frontmatter-Art)

Storm Over Warlock # 0-839-82635-4 (Cover-Art) (Frontmatter-Art)



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