Series attributed to Andre Norton


Astra / Pax

1.  The Stars Are Ours

2.  Star Born

Star Flight (Omnibus)


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Beast Master (aka) Hosteen Storm

1.  The Beast Master

2.  Lord of Thunder

3.  Beast Master’s Ark

4.  Beast Master’s Circus

5.  Beast Master’s Quest

Beast Master’s Planet (Omnibus)

Beast Master Team (Omnibus)


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Carolus Rex

1.  The Shadow of Albion

2.  Leopard in Exile


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Central Asia

1.  Imperial Lady

2.  Empire of the Eagle


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Central Control

1.  Star Rangers (aka) The Last Planet

2.  Star Guard

Star Soldiers (Omnibus)


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Crosstime (aka) Blake Walker

1.  Crossroads of Time

2.  Quest Crosstime (aka) Crosstime Agent

Crosstime (Omnibus)


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Cycle of Oak, Yew, Ash and Rowan

1.  To the King A Daughter

2.  Knight or Knave

3.  A Crown Disowned

4.  Dragon Blade

5.  The Knight of the Red Beard


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1.  Catseye

2.  Judgment on Janus

3.  Night of Masks

4.  Forerunner Foray

Masks of the Outcasts (Omnibus)


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Drew Rennie

1.  Ride Proud Rebel

2.  Rebel Spurs


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Elvenbane (aka) Halfblood Chronicles

1.  The Elvenbane

2.  Elvenblood

3.  Elvenborn

4.  Elvenbred


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Five Senses (not a series but a group of theamed books)

The Hands of Lyr – Touch

Mirror of Destiny – Sight

The Scent of Magic – Smell

The Taste of Magic – Taste

Wind in the Stone – Hearing


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1.  Forerunner

2.  Forerunner; The Second Venture

Forerunner Factor, The (Omnibus)


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1.  Judgment on Janus

2.  Victory on Janus

Janus (Omnibus)


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Lyon Family Saga

1.  Yankee Privateer

2.  Stand and Deliver


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1.  Gray Magic (aka) Steel Magic

2.  Octagon Magic

3.  Fur Magic

4.  Dragon Magic

5.  Lavender-Green Magic

6.  Red Hart Magic

7.  Dragon Mage

The Magic Books (Omnibus)


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Mark of the Cat

1.  The Mark of the Cat

2.  Year of the Rat


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Moon Magic

1.  Moon of 3 Rings

2.  Exiles of the Stars

3.  Flight in Yiktor

4.  Dare to Go A-Hunting

Moonsinger (Omnibus)

Moonsinger's Quest (Omnibus)


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Noble Warrior (short stories)

1.  Noble Warrior

2.  Hob’s Pot

3.  Noble Warrior Meets with A Ghost

4.  Noble Warrior, Teller of Fortunes

5.  Noble Warrior and the “Gentleman”


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Quag Keep

1.  Quag Keep

2.  Return to Quag Keep

Quag Keep / Return to Quag Keep (Omnibus)


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Solar Queen

1.  Sargasso of Space

2.  Plague Ship

3.  Voodoo Planet

4.  Postmarked the Stars

5.  Redline the Stars

6.  Derelict for Trade

7.  A Mind for Trade

Solar Queen, The (Omnibus)


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Star Ka’at

1.  Star Ka’at

2.  Star Ka’at World

3.  Star Ka’ats and the Plant People

4.  Star Ka’ats and the Winged Warriors


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1.  The Sword is Drawn

2.  Sword in Sheath (aka) Island of the Lost

3.  At Swords Point


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Time Travel (aka) Time Traders

1.  The Time Traders

2.  Galactic Derelict

3.  The Defiant Agents

4.  Key Out of Time

5.  Firehand

6.  Echoes in Time

7.  Atlantis Endgame

Time Traders (Omnibus)

Time Traders II (Omnibus)

Time Traders III (Omnibus)


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1.  Black Trillium

2.  Blood Trillium (by Julian May)

3.  Golden Trillium

4.  Lady of the Trillium (by Marion Zimmer Bradley)

5.  Sky Trillium (by Julian May)


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1.  Storm Over Warlock

2.  Ordeal in Otherwhere

3.  Forerunner Foray

Warlock (Omnibus)


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Witch World

See Witch World page for Titles


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Zero Stone

1.  The Zero Stone

2.  Uncharted Stars

Search for the Star Stones (Omnibus)



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