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I am in the process of transferring all the data from this site to the Official Andre Norton website which is currently being constructed.

NO updating of the images or data pages on this version of Andre-Norton-Books.com have been done past 06/01/2012


The Estate Authorized Andre Norton website is well under way, all title pages have been added and we are working on all the extras.


If you are interested in some art that I do when not spending all my free time on Andre Norton, Please check out ~

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This is a compilation of research that I have undertaken over many years to organize my collection of books by the

Great Lady of Science Fiction & Fantasy

~ Andre Norton.


This site consists of Many pages, images and hyperlinks.


Within each listing there are links to other titles, cover-art images,

cover-artist, publishers, coauthors and various lists.


All images that appear on a data page are thumbnail images,

click on them to see an enlarged image.


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In order to view any changes or corrections remember to clear brouser history occasionally.


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Most of the data displayed on this site was compiled from the books in my collection or from various web sites.

Any similarity to data from other reference materials or web sites is due to the nature of such data.




Just a little History

    Way back in 1968 I came across a little beat up ACE book titled Daybreak 2250 AD. Between being a nine year old watching Apollo missions on the TV and reading this book I was hooked. I started reading any science fiction I could get my hands on. I kept that book somehow (along with others) and in 1992 I moved to a new home in the state of Florida. I discovered that I was only about twenty miles from the great lady. I wrote her a note and dropped it in the mail thinking that I would never hear from her. I received a note back saying “here is my number – give me a call”. I must say I was shocked, and when I called her I got invited to her house. I spent about four hours talking with her about all sorts of topics. She was showing me some of the Cover Art Masters she had hanging around the house. I mentioned that I just couldn’t find a copy of Witch World and she led me to her private library. Without my asking, I parted from her house with a dozen signed books of various titles. I really can’t think of any other person who would be so generous and kind to a total stranger.

    And so I drive my wife nuts collecting her books, and spending many hours on the computer obtaining and compiling data. Now it’s time to share some of this data with the world. I have identified over 330 non-fiction titles, over 1100 known English prints of these titles and several hundred Non-English prints. Of course I am always looking for additional items and will add them as I luck upon them.

    In the bibliography I attempt to list any time that a story appears in a new publication, is released by a new publisher or changes format (ie: Hard Cover to Paperback).

    I will not make the claim that this is a complete list of her work but it is the most comprehensive list of any that I have seen on the internet. I have included books edited by her and over 750 various pictures of Cover Art. I have included Non-Fiction items written by Andre such as magazine articles or introductions / forwards which appear in books by other authors. Also listed are articles about Andre or reviews of her books. However the Non-Fiction items are listed in separate appendices and do not receive the same attention as her fiction works.

So peruse and enjoy – or better yet - go read a book by Andre Norton (LOL) ~ Jay Watts




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