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This section is open to Fans of Andre Norton to have various items that they wish to share with other fans of Andre posted.

Just Email me at this address and I shall be glad to work with you.

I reserve the right to approve the content and I will have final say in the format, but that shouldn't become a problem.

Also listed here will be various fan web sites that I think should be pointed out.

Note: This is a work in progress and I hope to be adding more stuff. This will be up to you though.



A contact of mine at The Internet Speculative Fiction Database often contributes data and images to this site, so in return. ~


The Official Andre Norton website ~


A great place to converse with other Andre fans ~


A really good site to find Andre Norton books for sale, as well as other Authors ~




Fan Pages


Mike Grimm, has been a major contributor of data and images to this site and he maintains a nice web-site of his own here. ~



Paul Goode, a personal friend and fan of Andre has contributed data and images to this site, and has some stuff he wants to share. ~

Moon of Three Rings

High Hallack




Steven Vogal, a long time fan of Andre's work, and one who has a certain knack for finding rather obscure stuff pertaining to Andre ~ found some interesting stuff at the Cleveland Library.



Of course I had to make some pages for myself. ~

Articles about Andre Norton





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