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of Andre Norton titles





The following is a list of books for which I am still trying to find images ~ Please help.


If you have any further information on any of the following titles please contact me at and I will make the necessary corrections.




Breed to Come ~ Kestrel Books, 1975, hc

Breed to Come ~ Onyx Books, 2001, pb

Day of the Ness, The ~ Pocket (Archway), 1978, pb

Day of the Ness, The ~ Laurel Leaf, 2008, pb

Exiles of the Stars ~ Kestrel Books, 1972, hc

Iron Cage ~ Kestrel Books, 1975, hc UK

Key Out of Time ~ Ultramarine Pub Co., 1979, hc

Steel Magic ~ Nelson & Sons, 1980, hc ~ Australian printing

Sword in Sheath ~ World, 1957, hc

The Sword is Drawn ~ Junior Lit. Guild, 1944, hc ~ by Duncan Coburn



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